Special Service

Review of your current insurance programme. 

Are you satisfied with the service of your insurance service provider? You do not want to change your provider, because you have a long-standing and trusted relationship with him? But you want to be sure that the offered conditions and prices fit with the current market developments? We will be pleased to verify your company?s existing insurance cover for its current marketability and, if necessary, we will develop alternative concepts, which you can also implement with your insurance service provider. 

Your services cost money. It is the same with us and therefore we charge the performance review in accordance with the following scale:

Premium volume up to EUR 10,000 – EUR   1,000 
Premium volume up to EUR 20,000 – EUR   2,000 
Premium volume up to EUR 50,000 – EUR   4,500 
Premium volume up to EUR 100,000 – EUR 8,000 

plus the applicable value added tax. For companies which have a higher premium volume, we will prepare an individual offer. The premium volume does refer to the non-life premium of the company.